Saturday, 28 May 2016

Colour Freedom: Metallic Glory

Hi everyone!

For an awfully long time I lusted for grey hair (without having to pay huge amounts of money at a salon). There's just something sooo striking about grey hair,,,, perhaps it's because of my inner old lady, but no seriously I LOVE the grey hair trend I think it's bloody magical!

If you've done your grey hair product research you would have noticed that all grey dyes on the market are semi-permanent or temporary wash out dyes or in other words money down the drain and high maintenance. Colour Freedom Metallic Glory products are PERMANENT, absolute music to my ears.

Lucky for you I've tried 3 of the colours from the grey hair dye range so I'm in a pretty good position to fill you in on all the details and give a honest review.

I have tried: Silver Grey, Graphite Grey and most recently Stone Grey.

You'll have to forgive me for the shoddy instagram photos featured above. The grey in these photos is a mix of both silver grey and graphite grey. My blonde hair colour prior dying was too dark for the silver grey to take. Instead my hair was toned by the silvery grey dye, if your hair is a lighter blonde it will definitely take to your hair colour. I applied graphite grey over my toned blonde and ended up with the result pictured above and absolutely gorgeous purple/grey with hints of midnight blue, my hair was my own hair goals at this point!

The colour washed out within two weeks unfortunately, which was rather disappointing to say the least, perhaps if I'd have left the dye on for longer the dye may have absorbed into the hair better. I think I'd try graphite grey again in the future to test its potential longevity again.

Last week I dyed my ombre with the shade "stone grey" which turned out to be a gorgeous mystic smokey grey, again I am in love with my hair and the tones that are now in it. I've also noticed this shade is not fading as quickly as graphite grey which is always good to know. (Not to mention good for my purse) I do think that this is down to me leaving the dye on for 15 minutes longer than the recommended time. Both dyes made the bottom of my hair so soft and silky which is always lovely when you've bleached your hair!

I highly recommend the Colour Freedom hair dyes if you are willing to be ballsy! They are such great quality and value for money and their colour range is absolutely beautiful and a lovely alternative to natural hair dye colours. 

Thank You For Reading!

Emma xo


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  1. love this look! looking gorgeous ♥


  2. beautiful lady! your hair looks super pretty and healthy! xo

  3. did you re-dye on top of preexisting grey dye or lift remaining dye before putting the new shade on?