Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Being British

Hey Everyone!

Here i'm British so here's an appropriate picture for the post.

From analysing my Google stats i've noticed that a fair percentage of my readers are not from the UK, sooo I thought it would be fun to give you all a lesson on what its like to be British! (I'm sure that my British readers will relate!)

We LOVE tea. We love tea and toast, tea and biscuits, tea and a natter, tea and a cry, tea and TV, tea and a book. No seriously. Tea is a big thing for us Brits.  Its 10am and i've had three cups already.

Nobody actually eats cucumber sandwiches...I am yet to find someone who does.

No girl buys a dress without wondering if it will work with black tights. We need black tights with anything that's not trousers or we are going to freeze.

Who's PJs aren't from primark? Everyone wears primark PJs, and if you don't get a pair for Christmas are you really British?

80% of British boys are not charming - at all.

No one ever knows what to wear. Do we dress for the sun? Or for the torrential storm that's coming later?

EastEnders isn't just a TV program to us. Its part of life. We talk about it like its happened down the road from us.

Not everyone likes the Queen.

Saying "right" before leaving.

It's going to stop raining as soon as you get back indoors.

Its going to rain bonfire night AND ITS GOING TO BE SUNNY ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

Saying thank you when you get off the bus even though the driver almost crashed atleast twice and you got shaken around so much you almost threw up lunch.

Every female has been beeped by a prvy white van man.

That's all for now! - I may do another of these very soon! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Comment below anything else you can think of that is a British - 'thingybob' (if you know you know)

Love Emma xo



  1. I quite enjoy a cucumber sandwich...

    We say sorry even when someone (usually a tourist in Leicester Square) barges right into us!

    Not sure why...



    1. You're the first person I've ever heard say that! That's so true! We do it here in Birmingham as well! We Brits are polite! Xx

  2. Loved this post, I agree with so much, I have even apologised to a mirror and a stack of boxes when I have knocked into them before, so embarrassing lol



    1. Thank you babe! No way!! That's something I can imagine myself doing! Laughed a little at that comment! Xxxx

  3. This was quite informative for us non-Brits. Thanks from over here in New York!

    1. Oooo you're from New York!! How amazing!! Xxxx

  4. Loved this lol. I'm currently on tea two and it's not ten yet. X

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. xx