Friday, 31 January 2014

Spring Wishlist 2014

Hello everyone!

Spring is dawning upon us and soon we all will banish the jumpers despite the cold weather and replace them for skimpy spring clothes just so we look good and are up to date with the trends! (If you are from the UK you will know what i'm talking about!) I've put together a list of 6 items I am craving for the Spring! 

1. Mac Impassioned ( £15) this colour is perfect for spring, it's bright pink and reminds me a lot of the cherry blossom that smothers tree branches in this season. I love a bold lip.

2. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pomegranate Punk (£4.99) I haven't tried a single one of these constantly raved about products, I think this shade is the most beautiful out of the collection and I think it would work perfectly with blue eyes making them POP! shaaazaaam!!

3.Max factor Whipped Creme foundation (£9.99) I just think this sounds so light and velvety, I constantly use liquid foundation which leaves a nice sheer glow, I wonder what my skin would look like with this air whipped texture!

4. Mint Green Waterfall Blazer New look (£24.99) I don't think I have ever worn a piece of clothing that is mint before (first time for everything!) . Pastel shades are essential for spring and this minty chocolate chip ice cream colour is ideal for the seasonal trends.

5. Dark Floral Woven Joggers Topshop (£35) These are so pretty! I love this little blue clusters of flowers! I've never been brave enough to wear something like this before, I think they can be worn in summer to as they look like they are made from a light material - would go nicely with the mint blazer!

6. Coral Collar Top Miss Selfridges (£27) Another beautiful item of clothing, such a vibrant and energetic colour ( I don't think I've ever worn coral either - wow I need to start experimenting with my fashion!) another item that can be carried onto summer, this would work perfectly with the mac lipstick i'm lusting over!

I think these are called a wishlist for a reason! This adds up to a grand total of .....£117 and I haven't got 2p to my name hahaa! A girl can dream!

Hope You got some inspiration for Spring from this post.
Whats Your spring staple fashion?

Emma xoxo


  1. Haha good job it's just a wishlist! I love the mint blazer the best x
    Sweet Dreams

    1. Its beautiful isnt it! Such a fresh colour! Xxx

  2. Ooh I have Pomegranate Punk, it's not as rich in colour as it looks in the pot when applied unless you apply it with a brush, I tend to use a thin layer as a base with a similar colour over the top :)
    You have some lovely choices here, I am in love with that coral top <3

    1. Thats a shame :-( i'd love that colour all over the lids with black eye liner smudged under the eyes! Its lovely isnt it babe! coral is such a joyful colour! Xxxx