Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Christmas Decorations

Hello Everyone!

This week my Christmas decorations were brought out of the attic,taken out of their sleeping bags (bin bags) and brought back to life. A few wasps were also killed in the process - those pesky little things have a cheek hibernating along with the decorations. My family buy a few new things each year to add to the collection , some things get given away or they simply break. We do tend to go crazy with the decorations, Christmas only comes once of year so I think it's a good excuse to go overboard! I thought I'd share some pictures of our decorations with you! - snuggle up and enjoy! xxx 

And that is it! I apologise for the quality of the pictures as they were taken on my phone :( 
Have you got any Christmas pictures of your home to share? What do you do to make your home extra special? - comment below!

Thank you for Reading!
Love from
Emma xoxo


  1. Wow, you really go all out! But if you have the room for it why not? ;) We just have a tiny Christmas tree because we live in a small-ish apartment... it still makes things more festive though.

    1. I'm sure it looks lovely! nothings more important then the christmas dinner in my opinion though! that's what makes christmas for me! xx